Thursday, March 31, 2005

It was a beautiful day


G N Bassett said...

I see you're from Jefferson City. A few years ago I was in St Louis with a rowdy bunch on a Saturday night. We kept asking people (strangers) what the Capitol of MO. was? 50% said St Louis, 40% had no clue, 10% said Jefferson City. We howled with laughter all night. But don't let Jeff City have an identity crisis, its a fine place!!!

bonj said...

Yes, it is sad but true. I grew up about 60 miles south of Jefferson City in Rolla and remember kids answering St. Louis as the Capitol City of Missouri in Social Studies class. A lot of people will also think you are talking about a completely different city when you say Jeff City in place of Jefferson City.

Another one that is kind of interesting is how many people, including those living in Jefferson City, believe that the statue on top of the Capitol building is Thomas Jefferson, when in fact it is Ceres, the goddess of agriculture (some say goddess of vegetation, some say goddess of grain, agriculture works for me).