Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bush Rally at the fairgrounds in Columbia, MO on 9/7/04

Protestors on the way in.

The long walk in

Sarah Steelman

Peter Kinder

Catherine Hanaway

Matt Blunt - running for Governor of Missouri

Security on the lookout

W Stands for Women (in this case little women)

Kenny Hulsof

Farm and Ranch Team (possibly a future farmer/rancher)

Presidential motorcade rolls in

President Bush stepping off of Bus One and waving to the crowd as he passes a hay bale

The crowds reaction

President Bush

Photographers and film crews from the press taking turns riding up to take pictures of the President. They didn't offer me a turn

Firefighters for Bush

President Bush speaking

Bush/Cheney Supporter

Four more years. Four more years. Chanted many times throughout the speech.

Bush amongst the signs

Bus One

George W Bush

George Dubya

Around 10,000 people came out. Some did not make it as they were stranded on the Interstate trying to get in

Tired Event Staff

Refreshments could be purchased - I don't think the President got a corny dog as he referred to them as

TV News crews setup to beam out the signal

The crowd

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