Friday, August 06, 2004

Theme Thursday - Shift - The Presidential Campaign Shifts into High Gear - Kerry-Edwards Rally in Jefferson City, MO

People just let in

The White Ticket holders could only come as close as this gated area

Flag used for Pledge of Allegiance - The poor veteran than lead it forgot the word indivisible - (maybe this had something to do with the Democratic Primary in Missouri

The crowd awaits Kerry-Edwards

A young Democrat

A veteran from Slater, MO

The US Flag

The crowd listens to Missouri's Democratic Party officials and candidates

A tired volunteer

Teresa speaks to those gathered

John Kerry addresses those in attendance

The crowd listens intently

John Kerry (sleeves rolled up at this point), Ike Skelton, and John Edwards on stage

Those in the back of the crowd not often receiving the campaign propaganda to hold up is given signs and ask to hold them high around some hecklers

The John Kerry, John Edwards Rally is over


Sandra Rocha said...

what an amazing series :-)
love the b&w, creates a journalist style that works great, my favorite image is the one where the flag takes up the whole frame and people are just at the bottom, amazing :-)

bonj said...

Thanks and I take that as a big compliment coming from you. I have seen some of the wonderful photos you have displayed on your site. The pic of the flag is one of my favorites as well.