Saturday, June 26, 2004

Jefferson City High School Reunion - Class of 1984
Maiden names in parentheses

Georgie (Schrimpf) Hagenhoff and Cindy (Zbinden) Henderson

Vickie (Haworth) Seal and Shelly (Carlson) Stephenson

John Luker

Kim (Hovis), Lisa (Schwatze) Toler, and Nancy (Smith) O'Connor

Cindy (Zbinden) Henderson, Kim (Bowman), and Jane (Jerden)

Martha Westhoff

? and Lisa (Goeller)

(L-R) Cindy (Zbinden) Henderson - seated, Martha Westhoff, Dana (Bopp), Kim (Bowman) - seated, Suzie Theroff, and Jane (Jerden)

Georgie (Schrimpf) Hagenhoff

Martha Westhoff and Lisa (Goeller)

Shelly (Carlson) Stephenson

Lisa (Schwartz) Toler and Georgie (Schrimpf) Hagenhoff

Gary Henson and Jane (Jerden)


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun... Sorry I missed it. Gary was a good friend of mine at JC and I knew a lot of these former Jayettes too. If you see Gary tell him Lloyd said hello. Thanks for the photos.

Leti solis said...

Hello - I submitted a generic search for Lisa Goeller; knew Lisa when I was in the Navy! Lo and behold there was a photo on your website and it is definitely her! Anyone know how I can reach her? If so, please give her my email address: or

Thank you!
Leti Solis